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Pruthvi Molachi Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in August 2020 under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. We are working for conservation and development of various environmental, wildlife and rural issues in sustainable and innovative ways. We have developed 3E approach (Environment - Education - Employment) for finding out the sustainable solutions to various conservation related problems. Overviewing various obstacles in fulfilling of the Sustainable Development, we a group of social and environmental enthusiasts came together and formed the NGO to catalyse the process of development and conservation. Our team includes Environmentalists, Geologists, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, Statisticians, Microbiologists and Grass-root social workers. All of us had previously done various projects or social activities which have shown a positive impact on society. Having Local Information and Global Knowledge, we ensure the sustainability of projects and its positive impact on society.
Since our inception itself, we are working closely with tribal communities settled around the forests, especially in Dhule District of Maharashtra State. Along with this, we were also involved in various activities related to environment and rural development based on our strength. We strongly believe that tradition and culture plays a vital role in fulfilling the developmental process with a strategic use of Behaviour Change Communication (BCC). We also have developed partnerships with many organization according to their respective expertise and location of work. We are also keen to work to find out innovative and sustainable solutions for the fulfilment of developmental needs.

To catalyze development and conservation process by utilizing
Grass-root Information and Global Knowledge.

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