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Project E-Jagriti

Under Project E-Jagriti, Environmental Awareness Activities are carried out through of social media.


As a part of Social Awareness activities, Pruthvi Molachi Foundation has started pages on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Various programs like Pet Talks, Nature Melodies, Nature VLOGS, Environmental Days etc are started on the platforms especially on YouTube.



Project Gramotthan

Project Gramotthan is the Sustainable Rural Development Programme, currently taking place in Mahupada, a Tribal Hamlet in Dhule District, Maharashtra. Mahupada has a population of 700 who chose a sustainable way of living. A perfect example of Human-Nature Symbiosis. Pruthvi Molachi Foundation has decided to guide the villagers through their pursuit of Sustainable development. A Village Committee and a Forest committee has been established in the village. Development of this village by the means of Village Transformation model looking after the kinetics of sustainability will take place.


The Ecosystem Restoration Project, Bodwad aims at restoration of Ecosystem of Bodwad Town in Jalgaon District. The project includes various activities such as Pond Desiltation, Awareness Among School Children, Awareness Among Farmers, Farmers' Training for Sustainable Agriculture, Tree Plantation and Conservation etc. The project is being implemented in collaboration with Suba Foundation, Bodwad Nagar Panchayat, Bodwad Local Group etc. The project is looking at a broader perspective of sustainability by restoration of the local ecosystem. 


Prakriti Parisamvad

This project aims at delivering seminars, webinars, workshops and forum discussions on the topic of environmental conservation. Following webinars have been conducted,

  • Webinar on 'Sustainable Development Goals' by Shri Kuldeepji Purandare, Social and Environmental Activist from Pune

  • Webinar on 'Uses of Bamboo and Journey of Bamboo India' by Shri Yogeshji Shinde, Founder of Bamboo India

  • Webinar on 'Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj and Environment' by Shri Ravindraji Sasamkar, Social Activist

  • Water Conservation Training

कृषि संशोधन_edited.png

Krushi Sanshodhan

Project Krushi Sanshodhan is an initiative to research on various methods of sustainable agriculture and to promote the same. This research mainly is carried out by the farmers connected with us. We also have made tie-ups with few FPOs and Vasundhara Krushi Pariwar for expert support for this project. Some activities we have conducted under this program are

  • Farmers' Training Program - FPO Management

  • Farmers Discussion Sessions

  • Online Support to Farmers


Project Ajeevika

Project Ajeevika aims at the promotion of social business in urban areas and sustainable livelihood practices in the rural areas.

Pruthvi Molachi Foundation have organized a 2 Days Entrepreneurship Development Program on 4th and 5th January 2021.


The program was attended by 18 youth who aspired to be entrepreneurs. This cohort was a mixture of urban and rural youth all of them having different ideas and concepts. Ms Aditi Barve, PhD Scholar in Entrepreneurship guided the cohort. Also many different entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the youth.


Project AHILYA (Action for Health, Inclusion, Leadership, Youth and Agriculture for women) aims at solving various women centric issues to make them independent and self-sufficient.


The 1st South Asian Conference on Environment and Natural Resources Management (SACENRM2021) is an initiative by Pruthvi Molachi Foundation to fulfill our mission. This year the conference took place online on Zoom meetings.

Project AHILYA


Other Activities

Apart from these projects, Pruthvi Molachi Foundation organizes various other activities like,

  • Online Drawing Competition

  • Encouragement for Tree Plantation and Conservation

  • Helping other CSOs, NGOs, Clubs etc

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